Hi There!

Hi there! It’s me again trying to do some writing after a long time of absence. For you who don’t know me, my name is Koosandryani. But my friends usually call me Ucha. I’m 22 years old and I’m from Indonesia. I’m actually a traditional dancer. Why traditional dance? Because it’s unique, colorful, and pretty at the same time. It also represents the beauty of Indonesian cultures. Well, since I’m an Indonesian, I have to take part to spread it all over the world right? :p

The other thing that catches my attention is Filmmaking. Who doesn’t love a movie? Well, I do. Especially the one with a happy ending story. It keeps me  wondering about my own happy ending LOL. I started with a “what if…” and then turns into a story. That’s why I like  making stories and turned it into a script.

But then lucky me, I got the chance to be a director for my final project. I was quite nervous but the experience itself is priceless. The ups and downs between the crew, the deadlines, and everything that made the team more solid. It’s precious!

Anyway, I’m just trying to tell you that I’m just a simple me. I love watching movie, listening to music, eating ice cream, taking pictures of foods, hanging out with friends, and stuffs that people usually do. See, I’m not that weird, so let’s be friends! Enjoy 🙂


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