A letter for Taylor Smith

After reading a very heart breaking news about a 12-year-old girl named Taylor Smith writing a letter to her 22-year-old self, I found an idea to write a post about it. It’s actually my very own letter to appreciate her braveness while dealing with Pneumonia. So, here it is.

Dear Taylor Smith,

Hi there Taylor, my name is Ucha, and I’m 23 years old who lives in Jakarta. I know we actually don’t know each other. But I read the news about you recently and trust me, it really breaks my heart.

I’m writing this to you because I do understand about what you had gone through and how painful it was. Trouble breathing, excessive slime, severe cough, shivering, and dealing with a high fever every midnight. I have suffered from Pneumonia few months ago. Not to mention that I’ve been hospitalised for 20 days here in Jakarta and still under medication up until now.

You know what, I was really amazed by how you describe life as a simple phase while you’re dealing with this sickness. Well, long story short, I had a very rough time while I was sick. Instead of getting better, I had to face the days when I couldn’t eat, sleep properly, and even taking a bath by myself.

I often cried in the night when everyone has already fallen asleep. I kept asking God, when would this be over. And after 7 days of suffering, I suddenly pray to God, “If my time has come, please stop this pain and take me to your arms.” Well, I wouldn’t be writing this post if God say YES to my pray back then.

Later, when I was back to the doctor, she said that I needed to receive the antibiotics through the IV. So, here comes another 10 days staying in a hospital. Ugh, that was probably the most boring time I’ve ever gone through.

Luckily, I was getting better and better and better! What a big news, right? After that, it took several weeks for me to be fully recovered and back to my daily activities. Then I remembered someone said to me, “All the good people always find their way back to heaven much sooner.” So maybe, I was given another chance to live better, laugh more, and pray to God more often.

Yesterday, 07 March 2015, I saw your letter and I feel awful about myself. I used to wonder if maybe I’m not lucky enough to keep taking this meds. But hey! I guess you are luckier because you get to see Him earlier. I believe God has a plan for me. And you, a very high-spirited young girl, has inspired me to stay positive and keep doing my best no matter how hard it is to achieve. May you rest in peace Taylor, your story will definitely inspires other kids around the world.





If you’re interested on reading my story about Pneumonia, here’s the link to Sehat Itu Beneran Mahal Harganya… 



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